Best Keto Boost Drinks 2021– Can Drinking boost Ketosis?

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Drinks can disrupt the ketosis and there are also certain Keto Boost Drinks that you can have to increase the ketosis.  Fruit juices, sodas, and even coffee can provide you with plenty of carbs. Such things can make you to put on the fat.

To have best drink for ketosis you need to have low carb, low sugar and all natural keto drink. Usually it is difficult to known which drink is keto boost drink. So, in this article you will know about the ketosis boosting drinks.

According to the research Keto Diets and other keto practices proven to be best for controlling obesity[1].

What Should You Drink On Ketosis?

Keto Boost Drinks

No matter which type of diet you have to be in ketosis, you need to have beverage that contains almost zero calories like water, coffee, and tea.

  • Water: water can be your best friend no matter if you are on keto or not. If you do not like drinking plain water you can mix it with herbs or lemon.
  • Sparkling Water: You can find such water and such water contains bubbles and it contains zero calories.
  • Coffee & Tea: It is most people habit to have coffee or tea in the morning to boost the morning. You can have this routine intact even if you are on keto diet. Just, keep in minds that do not add sugar.
  • Diet Soda: You can also have diet soda that do not contain carbs
  • Juice Alternatives: You can have zero calories drink like zero water, Vitamin water or such other things to keep yourself hydrated.  To have any drink you can read the label to find out if it is suitable on keto diet or not.
  • Low carb Dairy Products: You can have little bit of milk in your coffee or tea. However, it does not mean that you exceed the limit/ If you use more than couple of teaspoons of milk you can lose the ketosis.
  • Energy Drinks: You can find energy drinks that are filled with sugar but there are many low carb and even zero carb energy drink on the market that will not destroy the ketosis. You can read the label to find out which drink contain least amount of carbs.
  • Keto Smoothies: Even foods are packed with carbs and they are not recommended on the keto diet, you can still make delicious smoothies that have low carbs. You will need low carbs food like berries, spinach, nut milk, avocados, egg yolk, MCT oil, and yogurt.


Water is one of the best keto boost drinks you can have. When you start the keto diet body sheds its water as well as mineral. So, when ketone level in the body increases you need to have plenty of water and minerals to compensate the loos.

If you are not a fan of plain water you can always add something to it. You can add vegetables, herbs or other low carb things in your water. Also you can have

Frozen fruits such as berries into your water bottle or you can have mint ice cubes. Also, you can add citrus like lemon, grapefruit. You can also add electrolytes to your water to change its taste.


Water stands out to be one of the best Keto Boost Drinks out there. If you are not a fan of water you can also add things to your water just as mentioned above. However, you can also try protein shakes. Protein shakes can help to boost the ketosis become it stimulates the special hormones in the body that promotes the ketosis process.

So, having protein shakes and water can be your best friend to boost ketosis and to make you lose the weight.

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